Get crafty this Christmas


Christmas is a great time for getting crafty! Great for keeping over excited kids occupied at the same time as making low cost, personal gifts for family and friends.

We’ve found some super cute ideas for making Christmas cards and pictures that are sure to be a real hit this Christmas. We especially like getting the kids really messy and involved by creating Christmas images using their hand and foot prints. So easy, even a baby could create some of these master pieces, and really effective too! Try mixing glitter in with the paint for a super sparkly finish.

Get yourself organised for Christmas crafting. A colourful Christmas oilcloth will help keep the mess down.
And to help you stay clean, don a Christmas apron for crafting days.

You’ll need a good collection of craft materials. Save old cardboard boxes, toilet roll and shiny wrappers to use for Christmas creations. You can also get a great selection of Christmassy craft bits and pieces and paints online. Try or

And once you’ve made some merry master pieces, why not send us a photo of what you’ve made and we’ll post it here for everyone to enjoy!