Get your geek on with the finest selection of nerd-tastic Christmas jumpers. Just because tis’ the season for sparkle – it doesn’t mean you can’t still let you inner geek shine through. For dorky men and nerdy women everywhere we’ve scoured the internet for the best picks. From Star Wars to Doctor Who, Superheros to science, find the perfect novelty nerd jumper for you or for a friend this Christmas.

Geeky Christmas jumpers

We think the geek chic look is awesome! And Christmas is the perfect time to get your geek on … There’s never been a cooler time to be uncool!  Ask any Clark Kent look-a-like and they’ll tell you they’re never short of geek-appreciation from the fairer sex!

Luckily, here at Merry Christmas Jumpers, we’ve the geek look all ‘stitched’ up for you (see what we did there…’stitched’ up?!). So all you need to do it take a browse through our carefully selected bunch of uber-geek Christmas knits and pick the one that does it for you. Maybe you’ll go for a geek inspired Christmas robot, a geeky Amstrad style design or a wrapping paper style repeat print.   Even better, how about going for a slim fitting Christmas cardigan for a truly geektastic look!

And if you really want to max out the festive geek look, don’t forget to team your new knit with a pair of geeky specs (girls love an intelligent looking man!) and a festive bow tie.

Then grab your laptop and a copy of the latest ‘Computing Today’ magazine, head to your local cafe for a mug of geeky hot chocolate and wait for the pretty Christmas fairies to come fluttering around you, all wanting a kiss under the mistletoe with the best dresses Christmas geek in town!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas jumpers

See our fave Harry potter designed Christmas jumpers over on Amazon. They’ve got plenty of designs to choose from but here are our besties. Slytherine, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw themes are available

Slytherine design jumper by Merchoid. Officially licensed from Warner Bros, this Harry Potter jumper is bound to make you stand out at the Christmas party. This jumper is 100% knitted using only the finest of 100% acrylic weave.

Ravenclaw design jumper also by Merchoid.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw design Christmas jumper


Hedwig design knitted jumper from Numskull – celebrate with real magic this festive season.

Hedwig knitted Christmas jumper

View these Harry Potter themed Christmas Jumpers on the Amazon website