Show the world just how nerdy you are & show them in style with a Geek Christmas jumper.

Geeky Christmas jumpers

We think the geek chic look is awesome! And Christmas is the perfect time to get your geek on … There’s never been a cooler time to be uncool!  Ask any Clark Kent look-a-like and they’ll tell you they’re never short of geek-appreciation from the fairer sex!

Luckily, here at Merry Christmas Jumpers, we’ve the geek look all ‘stitched’ up for you (see what we did there…’stitched’ up?!). So all you need to do it take a browse through our carefully selected bunch of uber-geek Christmas knits and pick the one that does it for you. Maybe you’ll go for a geek inspired Christmas robot, a geeky Amstrad style design or a wrapping paper style repeat print.   Even better, how about going for a slim fitting Christmas cardigan for a truly geektastic look!

And if you really want to max out the festive geek look, don’t forget to team your new knit with a pair of geeky specs (girls love an intelligent looking man!) and a festive bow tie.

Then grab your laptop and a copy of the latest ‘Computing Today’ magazine, head to your local cafe for a mug of geeky hot chocolate and wait for the pretty Christmas fairies to come fluttering around you, all wanting a kiss under the mistletoe with the best dresses Christmas geek in town!


Just another Christmas jumper

Surely – given the option of wearing one of the other knitted beauties on this website, you would jump at the chance. But, we get it – you want to be different, ironic even. No need to conform 100% and still have fun at the same time.
[Plus – this jumper is damn good value on the Asda website]

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Men’s novelty robot jumper

Men's blue Christmas jumper with santa robot design

Fed up with traditional Christmas sweaters featuring reindeer and Father Christmas? Try this festive seasonal twist – cool ice blue showing an automated robot staring benignly into the distance. However, you and I know that under that 100% acrylic exterior beats a warm heart full of frolics and fun! Looks fab with a black polo and denim jeans.

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“Bah Humbug” Christmas jumper

Bah humbug Christmas jumper

Fancy a snuggle in this cotton blend graphic embellished sweatshirt? Embrace the trend for statement sweaters offered in an amazing range of colours. Crew neck, long sleeves, this mono print would look great with black jeans or soft cords. The price is so reasonable why not buy 2 in different colours, or a his’n hers package?

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Get your geek on

Love the geek chic look?   No need to ditch it just because it’s Christmas.   There are plenty of geeky Christmas jumpers out there that’ll have you rocking around the Christmas tree (in a slightly embarrassing but none-the-less cool way!).   Think arcade robots getting festive and naff slogans.   Here are our pick of the bunch to get you inspired …
 Men's blue Christmas jumper with santa robot design

  Men's Christmas jumper with arcade game print


the Arcade Christmas frenzy,


Keep calm and eat sprouts

and that old chestnut keep calm and.. – always a winner!

A very merry Christmas and may all your geeky wishes come true!