Christmas T-shirts


Christmas can be full of dilemmas … How much to spend on the girl/boyfriend when you’re planning on dumping them after Christmas anyway? … Can we get away with not asking the neighbours round for a drink? … Make the Christmas pudding or buy it (it’s gonna taste better from M&S, face it!)? …

But the biggest dilemma of them all … sweating like a pig at the Crimbo party in my post-ironic Christmas jumper but only have a boring old plain T-shirt on underneath.  AAARGH! To take the Christmas jumper off or to not take the Christmas jumper off, that is the question? Look like rudolf himself with a shiny red nose or loose your tongue-in-cheek Christmas cool by revealing your dull old T?

Well fear not, seekers of Christmas dilemmas solved … we here at Merry Christmas Jumpers have the answer for you.  Introducing our latest Christmas gotta-have-it wardrobe addition … the CHRISTMAS T SHIRT!!! That’s right, we’ve seen the problem (melting in a jumper) and used our Christmas know-how to bring you the answer (we’re nice like that!).

And if all those Christmas dilemmas are too much for you, just book yourself on to a winter sun cruise and be damned with it all (just don’t forget to pack yourself a Christmas T-shirt for the beach!).

So enjoy taking a good look through the cool selection of Ts that we’ve hunted high and low to bring to you. Take your pick of our favourites, then layer it up with a clashing Crimbo knit for good measure.