Christmas jumpers 2014

Christmas Jumpers 2014.

Christmas is now just around the corner and you may be asking what is the key look for 2014 seasonal jumpers? Now is the time for the discerning shopper to research and buy that very special Christmas jumper for yourself and your nearest and dearest. Christmas fashion means choosing the right seasonal look for you and the choice in 2014 is just mind boggling and can therefore be confusing. So this feature is written with you in mind; it will help you get it right, as it will describe and direct you to the newest UK seasonal jumper trends including products from your favourite high-street brands.

Our aim is to let you in on the secret re how to wear the latest Christmas jumpers for your shape and style. We have been focused on selecting quality and the latest contemporary designs that will add fun, fashion and frolics to the sweaters in your winter wardrobe while adding fresh appeal tothe old adage- ‘Have a very Merry Christmas’.

Embrace the trends, polo necks are big this season for men and women’s sweaters. Wear a turtleneck sweater with black trousers, jeggings and ankle boots for a more sophisticated style and layer under a cape. Layering is trendy, achieve it by adding a lightweight polo neck under your Christmas jumper as this not only flatters the round/crew neck jumper but will also leave you feeling toasty and warm at the same time.

Christmas jumpers are never boring – 2014 sees seasonal knitwear scattered with iridescent sequins, colourful appliqués , emblazoned with motifs from reindeers to polar bears, snowflake bling to comic characters that are fluffy and soft, feminine and fun. Pom, poms are back in fashion too decorating all manner of motifs and Christmas themes. The latest knitwear materials are pretty and practical, we have selected pieces that are ultra soft, affordable and machine washable.

Looking for sophisticated and sexy? A little bit of sparkle can go a long way in transforming an outfit from smart to glamorous. Animal print motifs are also an instant glamour fix. Buy a longline, mono print jumper in greys and black as colour blocking is big fashion this season and wear this with neutral tones from plain black to subtle grey to look both elegant and stylish. Mono prints and colour blocking knitwear flatter the silhouette so are great at trimming the tum and lengthening the legs.

Feeling cheeky, why not embrace your inner child by wearing a sweater that boasts a big and bold Christmas message as well as a striking motif. This can be a real conversation starter and ensures you do not leave that Xmas party without making new friends! Do keep the rest of your outfit simple and allow the jumper to make the impact.

Fair isle patterns have never looked more appealing than the knitwear on sale this Xmas. Made in a range of fabrics and designs, Fair isle jumpers and cardigans will bridge the gap between knitwear and coat and achieve the perfect weekend casual look. Whichever jumper you select- we wish you a hearty merry Xmas!