Range of Christmas jumpers and dresses on Etsy – you name it, chances are, Etsy stock it.

Covid themed jumpers

Let’s hope this is a 1-year only event and we can shred these jumpers into dusters before next Christmas.

Quarantine Christmas on Etsy – its white so do watch where you spill the cranberry sauce.


Baby it’s Covid outside jumper on Etsy – love this design


Have yourself a Whitty Christmas on Etsy


2020 – Absolutely awful. Would not recommend sweatshirt on Etsy


Another Baby it’s Covid outside design sweatshirt on Etsy


And the ‘Bell-end of the ball’ himself, Boris jumper on Etsy

I hope you have a Merry Christmas,
But don’t have a Merry Christmas,
Get drunk and eat lots of turkey,
But only if you must

View a range of Covid themed Christmas Jumpers on the Etsy website

Big black c*ck chicken design sweatshirt

Not strictly for Christmas, this rude themed jumper could be worn all through the year to any poultry based event or get together. It will look great dressed up or down, or over your silk PJs…..

“Its a devilishly wondrous design … With or without lashings of whipped cream … I wear mine for every Sunday roast” said a Ms N. Lawson of Knightsbridge London

Handmade. 60% cotton, 40% polyester. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

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